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Take A Chance7 Versions
 Volta, Ella Rü
 Anthemic Pop
Perfect pop songwriting with euphoric choruses, motivational lyrics and soaring synths to elevate the energy and bring excitement to the masses. 03:38
Through The Fire ft. Ella Rü9 Versions
Emotionally driven electronica, given dramatic weight by anthemic synth sounds and airy electronic percussion, as a female vocal performs a bittersweet melody with moments of joy. 03:27
Inside Your Head3 Versions
 VOLTA Ft. Ella Rü
 Dark Pop
Dramatic and cinematic energy combines with a sultry pop vocal to create a curious atmosphere. 03:42
Limousine3 Versions
 VOLTA Ft. Ella Rü
 Dark Pop
Dark Trip-Hop with a cinematic feel that centres around an empowering female vocal. 03:33
Gotta Keep Movin'6 Versions
 Volta feat. Ella Rü
 Disco Pop
A euphoric and all out poppy hit, packed with swagger and confidence and driven by an empowering female vocal. 03:17
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