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Juggernaut7 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
Distorted, female vocal over punchy, rocky blues groove. 02:55
Come Together4 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
 Daytime Delights
Quirky pizzicato strings with driving drums building gently. 02:00
After Glass4 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
 Eighty Eight Keys
Floating, mysterious piano with synth touches, bringing about cosmic tranquility. 02:08
River Of Tears7 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
 Inner City Orchestra
Initially chilled trip hop transitions to more angry and driving beat before winding back for ending. 03:38
Urban Horizon4 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
 Inner City Orchestra
Chilled breakbeat with slow, intriguing synths and strings, slowly develops with percussion. 03:36
Robots Can Dream7 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
Expansive, evocative synths and strings build with male and female vocal aahs. 02:15
Soaring Strings4 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
 Legato Movements
Romantic, gentle piano introduction with addition of sweeping, strident strings. 01:58
Prototype City4 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
 Retro Electro
Downward chord progression and thoughtful synth melody over steady house groove. 02:06
Cartoon Cat4 Versions
 The Minestrone of Sound
 Whimsical Electronic
Bouncy, barn stormer with a lighthearted funky bass. 02:06
Go-Kart Race4 Versions
 The Minestrone of Sound
 Whimsical Electronic
Quirky, fast-paced track with a driving retro game sound. 01:26
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