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Track Description Length
Deep Freeze3 Versions
 9 Lazy 9
Chilled trip hop with sweeping synths, light echoed sax touches and strings. 04:03
Counting Sheep6 Versions
 Lazy H
 Lofi Electronica
Lazy H expertly goes from highly percussive and erratic, to moments of pure serenity and back in this unpredictable lofi electronic exploration. 03:25
Blue Skies4 Versions
 The Royal Organ Duo
 Proper Jazz
Sunny, lazy jazz with retro feel, progressive piano and cool Hammond Organ solo. 05:49
All Good Things6 Versions
 Joss Peach
 Bright and Positive Days
Featuring cheerful pizzicato violin and ukulele, this is an uplifting track with pretty glock melody and soaring, pastoral strings. 02:07
Circuit Broken Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Slow, swelling bass synth with unusual synth-guitar overlay, pitch-bend, glitches and symbol crashes. 01:07
Little Beads Of Moisture6 Versions
 Gilbert Linley/Lettie Maclean
 Cool Indie Folk
Chilled and atmospheric, ethereal guitar washes with a trip-hop style drumbeat and wispy female vocals. 03:15
Nice Dream5 Versions
 Neon Lovers
 Female Ethereal Beats
Gentle piano chords and strings intertwine with a sweet vocal melody in this downtempo track. 03:06
Night Scape4 Versions
 Joss Peach
 Filmic Jazz and Strings
Relaxed, thoughtful track that opens with Rhodes, hang drum and double bass, building up with animated piano and light jazz drums. 02:34
Deck The Halls7 Versions
 Sophie Galpin
 Very Ninja Christmas
Melancholy, dreamy version of Deck the Halls for female vocal and electric guitar. 03:22
Sail Away4 Versions
 Travelling Light: Outbound
Gentle, enchanting atmosphere with melodic acoustic guitar and ukulele, with warm bass and light percussion. 03:14
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