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Undertow4 Versions
 Matthew Nicholson, Sabina Plamenova
 Ambient Grandeur
Gentle intriguing opening, building with captivating bass, ethereal vocals and percussion. 03:14
Cloud Surfing4 Versions
 Joss Peach
 Filmic Jazz and Strings
Haunting track with childlike melody on piano and ethereal music box-esque synth, underlined by lamenting string parts. 02:34
Slow Awakening4 Versions
 Matthew Nicholson, Sabina Plamenova
 Ambient Grandeur
Slowly emerging, warm textures building gently with ethereal voices, bass and drums. 02:20
Future Expanse5 Versions
 Michael Newman
Atmospheric synth builds with distant kick drum, accompanied by ethereal vocals. 02:09
Eccentric Monologue Keep Shelly in Athens
 Keep Shelly in Athens presents
Dusty, melancholic synth and gentle piano slowly build into an ethereal dreamscape. 04:51
Seclusion Keep Shelly in Athens
 Keep Shelly in Athens presents
Opening with gentle ethereal pads and emotive piano notes, this track slowly builds into an atmospheric soundscape with pulsating bass and midi strings. 05:19
Instead Keep Shelly in Athens
 Keep Shelly in Athens presents
An epic ambient soundscape featuring ethereal pads, dark synth bass and piano. 03:57
Wake Me Up6 Versions
 Matt Nicholson, Adam Scrimshire
 Soaring Strings and Upbeat Rhythms
Tenacious vocals soar over a bed of cosmic synths, ethereal strings and rolling drums. Features a piano led atmospheric mid-section and orchestral string outro. 05:04
Bubble6 Versions
 Josh Oliver
 Modern Minimalist 3
Positive marimba arpeggios with ethereal synth textures and an uplifting build. 02:49
Sparks6 Versions
 Josh Oliver
 Modern Minimalist 3
Bright mallets and plucked strings build with ethereal synth and positive piano phrases. 02:31
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