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Comedy Department4 Versions
 The Minestrone of Sound
 Classic Kitsch Library Music
Swinging 12 bar blues joint complete with sax solo and walking bass line. 01:34
Mischief And Magic4 Versions
 Gabriel Ness
 Light And Magical Cinematic 1
"Ron, I told you not to take that wand! Now look what you've done!" With hints of Danse Macabre (Saint-Sa‘ns), this classical piece overflows with playful intrigue and risky shenanigans. Gradually progressive with woodwind and string motifs, the crescendos are frequently interrupted by devious interludes, but the music eventually reaches a calamitous ending. A great accompaniment to fantasy drama, comedy and even unusual advertising. 03:11
Curious Little Village5 Versions
 George Wilson
 Light And Magical Cinematic 1
"We woke up in the most unusual place!" Brimming with imagination and intrigue, this orchestral piece showcases serene strings with cheeky celeste/bell sounds, sparkling woodwind fills and ethereal choir swells. A playful incidental track with an assortment of characters ranging from fantasy to comedy. 01:32
Take A Chance5 Versions
 Mat Andasun
 Underscores - Chilled Synth Drama
Why play it safe? Brimming with quirky synth beats, the playful introduction leads to the lyrical synth melody at 0:14 which repeats several times before a breakdown at 1:28 and final reprise at 1:47. Alien sounds, suspiciously upbeat, ideal for unexpected comedy and strange encounters. 02:14
Undercover Stomp4 Versions
 Toby Knowles
 Quirky Casserole
Comedy, mystery and hints of Mancini. A mischievous instrumental mixing hushed horn stabs and creeping melodies peppered with hand claps and seriously bluesy piano riffs. 01:47
Party Bag Blues
 The Natural Yogurt Band
 Natural Yogurt Band presents Surreal Lounge
A sneaking, psychedelic comedy piece, with funny, squelching synths and a playful vibraphone. 01:18
Snap Happy8 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Driving funky pop with slap bass, quirky synths and cool low-pitched male vocal doo's. 02:09
Slap Happy8 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Catchy guitar riffs and bright brass over upbeat, Driving pop beat. 02:39
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing11 Versions
 Christmas Covers
Unrecognisable remix of this classic carol in a UK Garage, Bassline style with male rapping over gritty beats 02:28
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen5 Versions
 George Beck
 Christmas Covers
Smokey jazz club renditions with walking bass and smooth rhodes voicings, kicking into gear with a double time swing feel and brassy hit. 02:39
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