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Go4 Versions
 Michael Newman
 The Dance Tent
Percussive dance groove with cool synth touches, distorted synth lead and male vocal sample _go_ before big drop. 03:46
Come Back4 Versions
 Michael Newman
 The Dance Tent
Kick drum powers through melodic synth backing, Driving anthemic dance track. 03:29
Do It!5 Versions
 Andy Robinson
 The Dance Tent
Cheesy dance with cool female vocal with intense synths and cool, rhythmic piano. 03:12
Can't Stop Us Now4 Versions
 Andy Robinson
 The Dance Tent
Thumping dance beat with cheesy, positive synth lead line. 02:11
Beach Party4 Versions
 Michael Newman
 The Dance Tent
Distorted, vocoder vocals over groovy dance beat, featuring melodic synth chords. 02:04
Hello Stranger4 Versions
 Andy Robinson
 The Dance Tent
Rhythmic, sassy Euro-synth riff dominates Driving shuffle dance beat. 02:40
Peer Gynt Suite Anitra's Dance4 Versions
 Edvard Grieg
 Classical Classics 1
Intriguing and elegant rendition of Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 Op. 46) by Edvard Grieg 03:30
Bringer Of Justice4 Versions
 The Dance Tent
Anthemic techno with melodic synth patterns and Driving beat. 02:33
Morning Struggle5 Versions
 Michele Balduzzi
 Sequencer Fun
Stumbling, leaning dance beat with jumpy, melodic synth leads, developing with addition of gentle piano. 03:47
Chase The Leader9 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Sequencer Fun
Frantic, full on dance beat with aggressive synth sounds, frequent breaks and various video game style FX. 03:26
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