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Holiday Soundsystem
 Sunshine Yes!
 Fashionably Festive
Fun beats and holiday treats collide in this hip-hop infused, lighthearted pop tune with a strong Christmas theme (featuring plenty of jingle bells and a familiar festive melody). 02:52
Less Is Myrrh
 David John Parsons
 Fashionably Festive
A driving indie banger with festive sensibilities, Less Is Myrrh propels forward like a runaway sleigh. It features a fuzzy 'We Three Kings' on guitar and jingling percussion. 02:37
Jingle Joyride
 Sunshine Yes!
 Fashionably Festive
Funky bass and speedy sleighs combine in a sassy, upbeat and infectiously fun pop banger. There's a familiar melody in there for the keen eared elves. 02:53
Crystal Bells
 David John Parsons
 Fashionably Festive
The unmistakeable Jingle Bells, played on a sparkling synth, sits atop a driving pop instrumental with rumbling, arpeggiated bass lines and exciting percussion. 02:22
Festive Spirit Mixer
 David John Parsons
 Fashionably Festive
A punchy pop tune with obvious themes of Christmas and holiday cheer. Jingle Bells rings out from a glamorous electric guitar while the sleigh bells provide a constant festive sparkle. 01:54
Good Times
 Feel Good Rap
A lighthearted and feel good pop track featuring a female rap vocal. Sparkling synths dance atop a bouncy hip hop beat for a bright and cheerful result. 02:44
 David John Parsons, Scrufizzer
 Feel Good Rap
A funky, laid-back hip hop tune with a summer feel. Chilled, sung vocals take the reins in the choruses, while the verses feature a rap vocal. 03:02
Grown Apart
 Josh Gray, Toby Horton, Trina┬áSmith
 Breakup Pop
A downtempo and moody heartbreak ballad with an 80s feel. It is a hauntingly beautiful song that details the painful process of lovers growing apart. 03:02
On The Radio
 Exmoor Emperor, Tom Tripp
 Breakup Pop
Ethereal dancehall pop, centred around a moody male vocal and shimmering synths and gentle piano chords. 03:09
U Wanted It This Way
 Omer Agca, Mandy Ventrice
 Breakup Pop
A beak up song uncovering the pain and anger of shattered promises, reflecting on love lost. A passionate female vocal laments over a hip hop beat. 02:42
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