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Call Me Don't Call Me6 Versions
 ARO, Eller
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Heartfelt female vocal over a lush trip hop backing that builds with strings and synths to a soaring finale. 03:12
The Distance9 Versions
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Dark and hypnotic, this cinematic trip hop piece blends anguished vocal melodies with eerie rhythms for a moody, mysterious feel. 03:23
Cutaway6 Versions
 Found Sounds, Isla Moony
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Ethereal and cinematic, this trip hop track blends chilling ambiance with sultry beats and melancholy vocals for an alluring sonic experience. 02:09
Dance With The Devil10 Versions
 Count Zero
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Classic old skool Triphop, beautifully blended with contemporary sounds & production styles. Smokey beats, deep bass, reverse pianos, twisted strings, vocal FX & sound design. 02:50
Empty Of Love6 Versions
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A beautifully melancholic trip hop piece that gently envelops you in a bittersweet, introspective embrace. It has an early 00s feel that's emphasised by an effortlessly cool female vocal. 03:41
Acquiesce6 Versions
 Found Sounds
 Cinematic Trip Hop
This enigmatic trip hop track marries sultry rhythms with haunting, ethereal vocals and guitars, creating an atmospheric soundscape of city mystique. 02:31
Love Blind5 Versions
 Flip Fantazia
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A moody trip hop gem with a wonky feel. A slow beat punctuates the weird, rumbling synth layers and a stylish, airy vocal sits atop. 04:13
Come Down6 Versions
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Drums and bass with an old school feel and sound combine with modern, punchy synthesizers and glimmering guitars with positive, dark and dreamy male vocals. 03:21
It Flows 7 Versions
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A laid back, fat groove supports a dark and dramatic intro. Initially cold, melancholic male vocals turn to a positive reflection on the ebb and flow of life. A tense and cinematic breakdown is followed by an upbeat, grooving outro with retro vocal and trumpet fanfare. 03:22
Pull The Trigger6 Versions
 Found Sounds
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A contemporary, electronic twist on the pensive and thought-provoking Triphop style. Against a backdrop of ethereal guitar layers and vocal samples, a polished beat drives forward with purpose. 02:24
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