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Pop It & Light Up8 Versions
 Mike Lesirge & Guillaume Jambel
 Global Pop Beats
Club banger with catchy singalong chorus and hazy synths. 02:29
Hold On To Our Love11 Versions
 80's Synth Pop 1 - Vocal
High-octane pop dance music with catchy vocalised synth and ambient arpeggios. 03:00
For Your Love8 Versions
 DuoSync Music
 80's Synth Pop 1 - Vocal
A brooding, dreamy 80s pop track, featuring smooth female vocal hooks, bright synths, deep melodic bass and pulsing analogue beats. 02:54
Circadian Nights4 Versions
 Christopher Nicholas Bangs
 80's Synth Pop 2 - Instrumental
Evocative melodic synth pop with strong retro flavour 03:40
Tokyo Explosion4 Versions
 Clerkenwell Sound Collective
 80's Synth Pop 2 - Instrumental
Catchy, melodic synth leads creating the epic feel of the pioneering early 80s UK synth pop scene 02:34
Shining Bright8 Versions
 Mike Lesirge & Guillaume Jambel
 Global Pop Beats
A contemporary pop anthem featuring uplifting lyrics, bright synth melodies and an uptempo percussive beat. 02:49
Show Your Colours8 Versions
 Michael Newman
 Songs That Pop
Uplifting boyband style pop with warm lyrics and vocal oohs. 02:38
Dream Team4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Songs That Pop
Carefree and youthful electro-pop, with warm building synth melody. 02:48
We Are Party People4 Versions
 Michael Newman
 Songs That Pop
Dynamic, retro pop beat with soft, sassy synth melodies. 02:37
All For One3 Versions
 Andy Robinson
 Songs That Pop
Emotive, cheesy pop ballad with brass melodies and subtle 'hey' chants. 02:42
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