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Track Description Length
No Fate4 Versions
 Cesar Gimeno Lavin
 Underscores - Dark and Tense
Tense and agitated with relentless heart-beat style beat and ticking synth. 02:29
Covert Operations3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 1
Tense, unnerving atmosphere with light percussion and repeated guitar motif. 02:29
No Evidence3 Versions
 Forensic Search 1
Tense beginning with solo held note on strings, progressing with introduction of reflective piano chords and big drums. 03:29
Criminal Intent3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 1
Dark, tense brass and woodwind with gentle percussion and synth, creating an ominous, anxious atmosphere. 02:12
Cyber Crime3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 1
Tense bass and strings with hi tech synth effects. 02:08
Proceed With Caution3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 1
Tense, echoed synth bass combine with breathy synths, vibes and sombre strings. 02:30
Total Surveillance3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 1
Continuous bass and light percussion make for a tense atmosphere with sparse, hopeful string chords. 02:00
Menace3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 1
Tense bass and percussion building to a discovery with proud strings and drums. 02:10
Don't Look Back
 Forensic Search 1
Edgy atmosphere, building in intensity with big percussive hits, heartbeat rhythm and tense, harmonic synths. 02:36
Frame Up3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 2
Tense synth patterns and shifting rhythms 02:31
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