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Track Description Length
Days Of Sunshine6 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Bright Mornings
Happy-go-lucky, lilting, quirky charm in a folky wrapping. 02:15
From Moscow To Minsk4 Versions
 Martin Gratton
 Russia - Traditional Vs Contemporary
Upbeat, quirky and jolly traditional Russian folk with balalaika and accordion. 02:09
Magic Tigers Trapped In Hollywood Time Machine2 Versions
 Amon Tobin Productions
 Amon Tobin Productions presents Short Scores
Eccentric and quirky dream like melodies with pitch-bending violin, sad tainted strings, enchanting glock and intermittent percussive hits. 03:51
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy3 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Christmas Covers
A modern re-imagination of Tchaikovsky's magical piece from The Nutcracker, featuring funky drums quirky synths and sleigh bells. 02:05
Gran Cancion3 Versions
 Lee Baker
 Latin Excursions
Cheeky Latin sound with quirky organ and positive brass section 02:59
Children Of Andromeda6 Versions
 Whimsical Electronic
Quirky and upbeat, this track has a playful combination of live percussion, marimba, whistle, retro drum machine and synth. 03:02
Go-Kart Race4 Versions
 The Minestrone of Sound
 Whimsical Electronic
Quirky, fast-paced track with a Driving retro game sound. 01:26
Space Port Swing6 Versions
 Whimsical Electronic
Fast paced, playful clarinets and analog synths combine to create a quirky �swingtronica� sound. 02:50
East Meets West5 Versions
 John Valasis
 Sequencer Fun
Quirky, uptempo and fun groove with playful synth samples. 02:52
Wonder Wander5 Versions
 Donal Scott
 Positive Bright Folk Instrumental
Gentle lilting folk feel with banjo, glockenspiel and whistling for a quirky and friendly feel. 01:46
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