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Science Fiction4 Versions
 Alan Myson
 Driving Sci-Fi Tech
A persistent laser-like introductory track with a kick of electronic drums and synth bass. 02:11
Advanced Technology4 Versions
 Alan Myson
 Driving Sci-Fi Tech
An intense, punchy techno-based track with break intervals 02:05
Hexagonal Prismatic3 Versions
 Clerkenwell Sound Collective
 Trailers : Electronic Orchestral
Synth-led, orchestral science fiction soundtrack epic. 02:36
Stellar Clouds4 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Reflective and Inspiring Strings 2
Driving strings and synths take this piece out into space, with a bold final section featuring brass, drums and a powerful bassline, showcasing the marvels of technology. 02:33
It's Not Science4 Versions
 Clerkenwell Sound Collective
 80's Synth Pop 2 - Instrumental
Punchy 80s drums, driving basslines and sweeping, emtoional chord progressions all creating a banging retro synthwave monster 02:44
Passing Orbits2 Versions
Dreamy, echoed synths and electric guitar over positive, light percussion. 02:07
Information Bubbles3 Versions
Dynamic synths with strange, quirky and bubbly feel, over constant drum pattern. 02:33
Digital Sleep5 Versions
 Michele Balduzzi
Spacious opening atmosphere, developing with melodic synths and bright, percussive beat. 03:43
Misty5 Versions
 Michele Balduzzi
Melodic synth patterns over mellow beat. 02:22
Joyful Discovery6 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Bright Mornings
Metronomic marimba patterns for technical applications with a warm feel. 01:56
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