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Summer In The City7 Versions
 Summer Indie
Upbeat and groovy summer sound with a psychedelic vocal and offbeat acoustic guitars. 02:46
Summer's Gonna Come6 Versions
 William Burnett
 Daytime Delights
Happy whistling melody with acoustic guitar. Features repeated 'Summer's Gonna Come' male vocal refrain. 01:57
Cool Water7 Versions
 Summer Indie
Light and breezy poolside indie dedicated to the joys of summer, centred around a cool female vocal. 02:35
Be By My Side6 Versions
 Summer Indie
Lazy summer Sunday soundtrack featuring a vocal duet, saxophone solo and general feel-good vibes. 03:34
By The Poolside6 Versions
 Summer Indie
All the joys of a carefree summer's day wrapped up in one cool and relaxed indie track. 03:32
Between Us6 Versions
 Hank Saunders, Isla Wolfe
 Summer Soul
A summer love story told by a playful vocal performance over a percussive and carefree instrumental. 02:04
Windows Down7 Versions
 Summer Soul
Lazy summer vibes with a sensual, crooning male vocal and a funky bass line to match. 02:21
Don't Hide9 Versions
 Guillaume Jambel & Mike Lesirge feat. Alabama Whitman
 Summer Soul
Elements of a classic soul sound are infused with funky, contemporary features in this smooth summer love song. 03:48
Summer Bliss6 Versions
 Indigo Trees
 Daytime Delights
Warm and caring acoustic reflection with gentle music box chimes. 02:07
Summer Is Here4 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Sunny and Uplifting Afternoons
Sunshine-filled folky number with gentle guitar and bright piano lines. 02:20
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