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Take Control
 Melodic & Moody Garage
Shuffly future garage beats with wide distorted synths, powerful vocals and beautiful hazy reverb. Breaks at 1:17 before driving towards an intense ending. Ideal for montages and confident themes. 02:38
 Kensaye, Denison Lugo
 Reggaeton Rhythms
Heavy hitting rap/reggaeton track, with energy and percussive elements. Auto-tuned rap vocals with a fast flow. Quirky synth sounds. 02:42
 David John Parsons, Scrufizzer
 Feel Good Rap
A funky, laid-back hip hop tune with a summer feel. Chilled, sung vocals take the reins in the choruses, while the verses feature a rap vocal. 03:02
Not Enough
 Exmoor Emperor, Tom Tripp
 Breakup Pop
A chilled pop song with a house rhythm. The slinky beat and smooth male vocals combine for an effortlessly cool vibe, themed around heartache and a missed romantic opportunity. 02:48
I Believe
 Hyper House
A driving house track featuring uplifting vocals, choral samples and Avicii style synth melodies. 02:55
Hail To The King
 All Good Folks
 Super Power EP
Brace yourself for a victorious rap anthem with massive production. Booming drums, infectious melodies, and fierce vocals create an unstoppable sonic experience that leaves you empowered. 02:01
Ready And Live
 Lotus, Kruz Leone
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Lotus' hard hitting beats and Kruz Leone's ferocious vocals create a sonic onslaught. The vocalist's blistering lyrical delivery is a perfect match for the snappy instrumental = high octane grime. 03:17
 Lotus, Jammer
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Witness the iconic presence of grime legend Jammer over a shimmering Lotus instrumental. His commanding vocals cut through, delivering a masterclass in raw energy and lyrical prowess. 03:13
Outside The Window
 Leo Einaudi & Giulia Vallisari
 Acoustic Songwriters
An affectionate duet of lilting vocals, twinkling piano and smooth acoustic guitar accompaniment. Soft lilting verses and gentle vocal hums switch to choruses with more pace. 03:37
Each Day Still Feels The Same
 Toby Knowles
 Acoustic Songwriters
Dulcet baritone vocals yearn for a past love in this emotive laidback song, crooning across gentle acoustic guitar picking and subtle piano tones. 02:01
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