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World Of Wonder
 Thomas Bellingham
 Underscores - Neo Classical Uplift
Shimmering strings and a tender piano widen the lens on an enchanting world. 02:28
Night Is Right
 Kensaye, Fedzilla
 Reggaeton Rhythms
Dark energetic reggaeton/ dancehall song, with a repetitive processed flute sound and a heavy beat aimed at the clubs. Percussive elements to get the people dancing. Missy Elliot like rap verses bringing the enrgy 02:37
Dios Mio
 Reggaeton Rhythms
Uplifting, positive, beach reggaeton music with synth washes, saxophone solos and repetive pitched vocals 02:43
New World Symphony - Largo
 Antonin Dvorak, The Enigma Ensemble
 Classical Classics 3
From a slow and sombre opening emerges the lyrical cor anglais solo made famous by bread adverts, pastoral visuals and military anthems. 02:51
Be With You
 Lorenzo_BITW, Produkkt
 Italo Disco
Feel the warmth of the pulsating beats and lush melodies as they sweep you into a world of dance-floor desire. This infectious electronic track is a playful homage to the golden age of Italo Disco. 03:23
Faust's Piano
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Percussive Peculiarities
A syncopated 6/8 piano piece in F#, all black keys. Lots of quirky sounds and organic textures, showcasing all the interesting ways in which a piano can be used to create a sonic world. Everything performed on a piano at the Leipzig Opera House. 03:21
You & Me Against The World
 Kaid Hussain, Tom Pritchard
 Motivator Rock
With a relentless drive and captivating melodies, this rock anthem charges forth, reminding you to never surrender in the face of challenges. 02:42
To See You Angry
 Reflective Dreamscapes
With its melancholic pianos and atmospheric textures, this piece embraces a nostalgic aura, transporting listeners to a world of gentle reflection. 04:33
Leave This World In Flames
 Ziggy Sullivin
 Soulful Swagger
A passionate blues vocal is the perfect match for a moody trap beat that builds in drama towards an explosive chorus that soars with huge drum sounds and vocal chants. 03:32
Walking Dead
 Efflex, Guyver
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Embracing the grit and attitude of grime, this energetic track immerses listeners in a world of Guyver's relentless rhymes and Efflex's heart-pounding rhythms. 03:19
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