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Track Description Length
Frozen Memories4 Versions
 Land Of Leaves
 Tense Cello Drones
Beautiful and sad in equal measures, a sparse cello melody laments over an atmospheric drone in a piece that contains spacious emotional depth. 2.19
Last To Know6 Versions
 Clerkenwell Sound Collective
A male vocal performs sad melodies with sentimental lyrics against a backdrop of moody synths and string sounds. The piece becomes more confident before dropping into a heavy beat. 03:44
The Truth We Seek4 Versions
 Stefano Ruggeri
 Chamber Works
A melancholy piano broods from the beginning, contrasted by the introduction of frantic strings and driving percussive elements to create a duel against time. 02:06
Weary Eyes5 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Emotional Transitions
A poignantly uplifting track, that uses sad opening guitar chords to set the scene, before hope creeps in with urgent strings and atmospheric layers. 02:21
Stay Indoors7 Versions
 Andrew Potterton
 Dark Pop
Atmospheric beats and bass mix with female vocals about the dark side of life. Synth melodies add to the melancholy mood. 02:35
Sacred Skies8 Versions
 Andrew Potterton
 Dark Pop
Acoustic guitars, synths and flute melodies blend with hip hop beats and female vocals in a lamenting love song with a dark energy. 02:36
Hold On7 Versions
 Alyx Neve
 Anthemic Indie
Emotionally charged and poignant pop, infused with acoustic instrumentation and centred around an uplifting chorus. 02:02
Come To A Head5 Versions
 Guillaume Jambel & Mike Lesirge
 Positive To Negative
An upbeat and playful piece that is centered around increasingly urgent strings and keeps the listener guessing before ending on a poignant outro. 02:39
Time Will Tell5 Versions
 Guillaume Jambel & Mike Lesirge
 Positive To Negative
Reflective but hopeful from the start, Time Will Tell takes the listener on a piano and string led journey that ultimately leaves questions unanswered. 02:51
Dawn to Dusk4 Versions
 Guillaume Jambel & Mike Lesirge
 Positive To Negative
Light and melodic piano parts are obliterated by a sinister second half, led by ominous strings and a thumping rhythm section. 03:36
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