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Dark Legacy4 Versions
 Dark Electronic Beats
Dark Legacy Conjures up feeling of motion and intensity with its synthwave inspired bass & pads. 02:12
Dark Movement4 Versions
 Alan Myson
 Dark Convulsions
Capuring a brutal glimse of the sinister side to 90s rave music, 'Dark Movement' drives forward with a relentless electronic drum sequence and arpeggiated synths. 02:55
Dark Road4 Versions
 Aleksandrs Hromcovs
 Dark Electronic Beats
Distant ethereal vocal samples fly over an energetic hip hop beat. Synth arpeggios and a distorted bass line also feature in this dark and atmospheric track. 02:00
Dark Matter5 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Dark Electronic Beats
Ominous and mysterious vibes slowly build with echoing piano, cosmic pads and a minimal beat. 02:34
Dark Passage Levantis
 Levantis (PKA ACTRESS) presents Dark Ambient Electronic
Minimal bass-line loop with expansive piano sample layer. 03:01
Dark Web3 Versions
 Alan Myson
 Underscores - Dark Tension
Eerie industrial sounds with slow synth pulse. 02:43
Dark Mist2 Versions
 Machinedrum presents Source Material
Slow, dark hip hop with watery drips, developing to moody, sinister conclusion. 03:34
Dark Matters7 Versions
 80's Synth Pop 3
Late 80s, turn-of-the-decade electronica with sinister riffs and a moody undercurrent. With hard-hitting drum samples, its dark attitude is perfect for moody scenes and unique brands. First breakdown at 1:20, building to 1:52; second breakdown at 2:08, building to 2:32. 03:10
Dark Magic5 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Light And Magical Cinematic 2
Lyrical lines of choir, strings and mallets lead into an epic orchestral scene of dark magical powers. 02:03
Dark Intentions3 Versions
 Stefano Ruggeri
 Dark Underscores
Shadowy and with an air of technological mischief, Dark Intentions features sweeping drones and bouncy synth melodies. 02:06
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