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Track Description Length
Nature's Way3 Versions
 Sandbank (Alex Banks)
 Eighty Eight Keys 1
Bright, reflective and arpeggiating piano texture. 03:18
Beauty Of Nature9 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 The Beauty Within
Slow, emotive textures full of innocence and wonder, progressing with bells, guitar and reversed synths. 02:32
Morning Mist Lifts4 Versions
 DuoSync Music
 Modern Minimalist 1
A playful, majestic track achieved with layered Kalimbas and Marimbas, a sweet vibraphone counter melody, soft percussion and rich strings that take you on a journey through nature. 02:40
The Flying Mouse Brigade5 Versions
 George Wilson
 Orchestral Action Adventure
Adventurous and ever-changing, this track combines anticipation and suspense with pure triumphant elation. Playful plucked strings and fluttering woodwind set the stage for the soaring heroic melodies at 1:15. From 1:58, tragedy takes over and a heart-wrenching cello solo emerges at 2:25, eventually reaching the dramatic orchestral finale. Superb for breathtaking nature documentaries and cinematic action. 03:25
Looking Glass3 Versions
 Matthew Nicholson
 Hope and Glory
Hopeful acoustic guitar and strings blossom and soar, like nature itself. 02:20
Morning In Osaka5 Versions
 Dokkodo Sounds
 Far East Beats
Wake up in Japan with this catchy hip hop number, featuring gentle dizzying reversed samples beneath crisp rhythms. Full of positivity, the music travels through bustle and simplicity whilst holding a steady groove. A smooth mid-tempo track, perfect for cityscapes, nature and everyday life. 02:31
Elegance10 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 A Thousand Violins
Delicate harp arpeggios joined by bright strings and broad panoramic strings. 02:24
Ulysses And The Sirens8 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 A Thousand Violins
Desperately romantic melodies, galloping strings and foreboding undertones. 03:02
Dawn Glory9 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 A Thousand Violins
Layering string textures gradually building momentum. 03:13
Resurface4 Versions
 Qemists Scores
 A Thousand Violins
Momentus orchestral progression, building intrigue steadily before epic conclusion. 03:03
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