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The Body3 Versions
 Jeremy Warmsley
 Psychological Horror
Tension reigns supreme in this unnerving and creepy horror piece that puts the listener on edge throughout. 01:19
Homebound Overture6 Versions
 Jeremy Warmsley
 Psychological Horror
An atmospheric orchestral piece with an unnerving and sinister energy, centred around a haunting female vocal performance, ending on a jumpy horror section. 02:12
Computerised Dystopia3 Versions
 Jack Wade
 Underscores - Computerised Dystopia
An 80’s inspired horror soundtrack with huge, driving breakbeats. 02:06
Dread4 Versions
 Deep Dark Drones
Dark, disconcerting and unnerving pads on a foundation of horror sounds and growls. 02:35
Aboard The Helix3 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Vintage Electronic Moog
Smooth drums and distorted analogue bass ride along with piercing synth, like something out of a 70s horror film. 03:29
Into The Future
 Jack Wyllie, Milo Fitzpatrick, Duncan Bellamy
 Portico presents Dark Emotive Electronic
A dark and haunting track, perfect for Thrillers and Horror. 01:25
Black Swan14 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Dark Pop
Dark, twisted pop with a sultry female vocal, crunchy guitar and synth riffs and a vaudeville horror attitude. 02:23
An Ending3 Versions
 Jeremy Warmsley
 Psychological Horror
Strings play held notes in a drone as more join the dissonant sound, leading to an intense and fierce final section. 02:20
Cycles Of Violence6 Versions
 Jeremy Warmsley
 Psychological Horror
Opening to chilling bursts of noise, Cycles Of Violence transitions into an enchanting and mysterious piece centred around a penetrating soprano performance. 02:06
Ruined Decadence3 Versions
 Jeremy Warmsley
 Psychological Horror
Intriguing strings and inquisitive Spanish guitar interact in a flowing piece steeped in mystery. 02:15
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