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Mambo Mystic
 Icho Chiri
 Surfer Psychedelia
An uplifting, funky beat paired with rhythmic coastal melodies and breakdowns filled with beachy energy. 02:38
Beach House Blues
 Icho Chiri
 Surfer Psychedelia
Sandy psychedelic instrumental with sliding guitar melodies and sunny, uplifting Pacific vibes. 02:21
Flower Duet3 Versions
 Louise Spencer
 Classical Classics - Harp Edition
An uplifting harp cover of a familiar opera song. The light melody plays at a relaxed tempo throughout, across a gentle lower accompaniment. Beautiful and elegant. 1:38
Zadok The Priest3 Versions
 Louise Spencer
 Classical Classics - Harp Edition
A modest arrangement of the majestic Coronation anthem by Baroque composer Handel. This more reserved recording grows with ascending arpeggios, building with uplifting anticipation to the main theme. 2:09
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring3 Versions
 Louise Spencer
 Classical Classics - Harp Edition
This gentle lilting Baroque melody evokes the essence of a pastoral afternoon, basking in the summer sun. Immensely popular at weddings and a sophisticated underscore perfect for uplifting visuals. 2:56
Lost On Me8 Versions
 Melodic & Moody Garage
Dreamy future garage drum loops with thick portamento reese bass in trippy stereo spanning the low and midrange. Cool and uplifting with a hint of darkness, perfect for developing montages. 03:07
Dios Mio4 Versions
 Reggaeton Rhythms
Uplifting, positive, beach reggaeton music with synth washes, saxophone solos and repetive pitched vocals 02:43
I Believe7 Versions
 Hyper House
A driving house track featuring uplifting vocals, choral samples and Avicii style synth melodies. 02:55
Wander Rush4 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Storytelling - Tiny Tasks
Pulsing guitars introduce this bright and uplifting track. Memorable mallet melody. Full instrumentation at 2:02 02:39
Lunchtime Stroll4 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Storytelling - Tiny Tasks
Positive, vibrant and uplifting track with gentle percussion 02:50
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