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Can't Be Stopped
 Qemists Scores, Ekke
 Beast Mode Hip Hop
Heavy hitting Hip Hop, with classical strings and choir punctuated by a high energy, motivating rap which all culminate to create a sense of striving with high tension undertones. 02:44
Arachnid5 Versions
 Trailers - Fierce Competition
Urgent strings grow in intensity as pounding percussion and rising electronic layers add to the competitive frenzy. 02:48
Awake Too Long4 Versions
 Land Of Leaves
 Underscores - Intrigue & Unease
Weird strings and strong pianos gradually resolve to something more beautiful whilst retaining an edge of uncertainty. This leaves the listener both entranced and unsettled. 02:59
Mad Scientist6 Versions
 Land Of Leaves
 Underscores - Intrigue & Unease
A strong synth pattern grows with beats, strings and sounds. Develops and evolves, good for narratives with a scientific leaning. 02:22
Slipping Away5 Versions
 Land Of Leaves
 Underscores - Intrigue & Unease
A pulse followed by some serious chords, atmospheric and inauspicious. Evolves with a euphoric synth and trip hop beat. Sliding strings to finish. 02:57
Broken Down Clown4 Versions
 Land Of Leaves
 Underscores - Intrigue & Unease
Melancholy cello melody over harp arpeggios with pizz strings creates a evocative opening. Beats follow a breakdown. Builds and evolves. 02:41
State Of Mind5 Versions
 Land Of Leaves
 Underscores - Intrigue & Unease
A fragile opening, evolving with beautiful strings and sparse beats. Sensitive chords with punctuating synths. 03:07
Weird Ways4 Versions
 Land Of Leaves
 Underscores - Intrigue & Unease
Delicate exploration into the minds eye. Beautiful strings and tuned percussion over persistent synth patterns. 03:03
Call Me Don't Call Me6 Versions
 ARO, Eller
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Heartfelt female vocal over a lush trip hop backing that builds with strings and synths to a soaring finale. 03:12
Dance With The Devil10 Versions
 Count Zero
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Classic old skool Triphop, beautifully blended with contemporary sounds & production styles. Smokey beats, deep bass, reverse pianos, twisted strings, vocal FX & sound design. 02:50
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