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Middle Eastern Action5 Versions
 George Wilson
 Orchestral Action Adventure
Exotic scents and looming danger; this track transports the listener to hot desert sands with authentic drumming and distinctive duduk melodies. The rhythmic tension is balanced with rich cinematic strings, evoking a sonic oasis at 0:54 until the confident reprise at 1:18. Reminiscent of thrilling retro spy movies, this track is superb for a variety of scenes including TV drama and documentaries. 02:12
Champions Of The Desert8 Versions
 Qemists Scores
 Qatar Soundwaves
Saz leads the way before frantic live drums and middle eastern instrumentation fused with high tension electronic production create a chaotic vibe. 01:37
Dune Race8 Versions
 1210 Club
 Qatar Soundwaves
Four on the floor house with analog synth bass, middle eastern percussion and flute/string leads. 02:44
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