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Track Description Length
Flow State4 Versions
 Peter Hall
 Atmospheric Upbeat Electronic 1
Quirky, lo-fi house track with woodwind sample and a funky acoustic bassline. 04:02
Deck The Halls3 Versions
 George Beck
 Very Merry Christmas
Exciting and energetic traditional piece with buiding brass sections and magical woodwind melodies 01:52
Criminal Intent3 Versions
 Garry Judd
 Forensic Search 1
Dark, tense brass and woodwind with gentle percussion and synth, creating an ominous, anxious atmosphere. 02:12
Dinner By Candlelight4 Versions
 Mark Choi
 Sophisticated and Playful Classical Music
Delicate, moving piano motifs join rich, emotive woodwind and string lines evoking a contented and uplifting mood. 02:47
Circling6 Versions
 Lighthearted Orchestra
 Peculiar Peculiarities 2
A bouncy and fun orchestral track with humorous tones, features woodwind and string sections as well as jazz infused walking bass lines. 01:53
Task6 Versions
 Lighthearted Orchestra
 Peculiar Peculiarities 2
With a slow build throughout, this piece creates an ominous tone through piercing legato string notes and hectic woodwind melodies. 02:08
The Flying Mouse Brigade5 Versions
 George Wilson
 Orchestral Action Adventure
Adventurous and ever-changing, this track combines anticipation and suspense with pure triumphant elation. Playful plucked strings and fluttering woodwind set the stage for the soaring heroic melodies at 1:15. From 1:58, tragedy takes over and a heart-wrenching cello solo emerges at 2:25, eventually reaching the dramatic orchestral finale. Superb for breathtaking nature documentaries and cinematic action. 03:25
A Cunning Plan5 Versions
 George Wilson
 Orchestral Action Adventure
Double-dealings and their consequences; this is a story of two halves. The opening features sneaky woodwind and pompous brass decorated with percussive sounds. At 0:44, a magical celeste sews the final thread to reveal the cunning plan, growing to a brash imperial fanfare at 1:10 and a mysterious outro from 1:30. Full of character, suitable for a broad range of visuals from bewitching animations to sci-fi space epics. 01:43
He's A Hero5 Versions
 George Wilson
 Orchestral Action Adventure
Triumphant and proud, starting with a mysterious militaristic build to the first trumpet fanfare at 0:36. The journey develops with interplay between the luscious strings and playful woodwind instruments, eventually returning to the driving theme at 2:11 and a commanding brass finish at 2:55. The perfect depiction of heroic adventure and the great outdoors. 03:04
Mischief And Magic4 Versions
 Gabriel Ness
 Light And Magical Cinematic
"Ron, I told you not to take that wand! Now look what you've done!" With hints of Danse Macabre (Saint-Sa‘ns), this classical piece overflows with playful intrigue and risky shenanigans. Gradually progressive with woodwind and string motifs, the crescendos are frequently interrupted by devious interludes, but the music eventually reaches a calamitous ending. A great accompaniment to fantasy drama, comedy and even unusual advertising. 03:11
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