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Snakes And Ladders
 Jammer presents UK Rap Vol.1
Riga's afro beat rhythms radiate summer vibes beneath ALICIA's smooth vocal, telling a cautionary tale of snakes in the grass. 02:29
Dusk Dilemmas
 Peter Hall
 Ambient Piano 2
Beginning with grisly low notes and a simple, probing melody, this solo piano performance steadily gathers momentum throughout. 02:23
Dare To Hope
 Peter Hall
 Ambient Piano 2
A thought provoking piano performance that carries dramatic weight with it, gently building but never satisfied. 01:49
 Peter Hall
 Ambient Piano 2
As its name suggests, this piece feels transitory. Starting with melancholic chords, the piano performance maintains a bittersweet tone, but gathers a subtle sense of hope towards the end. 02:23
Emerald Isle
 Peter Hall
 Ambient Piano 2
Beginning with sparse, timidly played notes, the piece gathers confidence and builds momentum, ending with conviction and a sense of hope. 02:15
Swim Out
 Peter Hall
 Ambient Piano 2
Tenderly insistent piano notes gain momentum throughout, evoking a sense of quiet determination with each passing arpeggio. 02:33
 Peter Hall
 Ambient Piano 2
The piano's melancholic melodies sit atop ethereal textures, resulting in a hauntingly beautiful soundscape. 02:24
Deep In My Soul
 Electrik Blue
 Hyper House
The track opens to a shimmering synth arpeggio before releasing into a driving house rhythm, complete with bouncing piano chords and catchy synth/vocal melodies. 03:02
Little Star
 Andrew Potterton, Andrew Thomson, Megan Browne
 Hyper House
Centred around a youthful female vocal, Little Star is friendly house tune with a funky bassline to keep the party going. 02:17
Raise The Alarm
 Juniper, Tom Samson
 Emotive Vocal Soundscapes
An intriguing sound that uses a shapeshifting choir of vocal samples to create an uneasy vibe with rising synth textures and dry rhythms. 02:36
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