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Promotion Sickness4 Versions
 Adrien Dark
 Boardroom Drama
Percussive slow build that develops in dramatic energy towards a piano-led finale. 01:38
Red Tape3 Versions
 Alan Myson
 Boardroom Drama
A fusion of urgent orchestral elements, threatening 808s and a gritty drumbeat for a sound of maximum drama. 02:14
Working Overtime7 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Driving Indie
A loved up, Lo Fi party tune, driven by an offbeat drum beat and quirky group vocal hooks. 03:08
Look Of Love7 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Driving Indie
A dreamy, cosmic exploration of lofi indie, centred around a casual vocal over a bed of vintage fuzz. 02:50
Charcoal6 Versions
 Dark Pop
Driving techno rhythms and a seductive vocal combine in this intriguing pop song with a sinister energy. 03:06
Black Swan14 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Dark Pop
Dark, twisted pop with a sultry female vocal, crunchy guitar and synth riffs and a vaudeville horror attitude. 02:23
I Don’t Give A8 Versions
 HEDSHOT presents Fury Breaks
An aggressive electro punk gem, with riotous vocals and hammering percussive elements. 03:09
Take Me Away9 Versions
 Guillaume Jambel & Mike Lesirge feat. Ozzy Wilde
 Anthemic Indie
Atmospheric indie song with epic percussion and sentimental vocal performance with lyrics to match. 03:05
Work Hard For Me7 Versions
 Strut Pop
A sauntering strut fest, with a female vocal oozing with confidence and a driving, heavily percussive instrumental. 01:52
Look To The Skies5 Versions
 Jack Baker, Ryan Jacob, Mike Lesirge
 Drums N Brass
Brass band sessions 02:51
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