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Track Description Length
Aurora Borealis4 Versions
 Chris Sutherland
 Future Sound Of Bass 2
Dynamic and uplifting, featuring spacey synth melodies, Driving guitar riffs into euphoric drops. 03:00
Haze5 Versions
 Chris Sutherland
 Future Sound Of Bass 2
With huge builds and drops and anthemic synth top line, this trap-inflected track is bold and brash. 02:48
All I Need Is You5 Versions
 Chris Sutherland, Greg Walker
 Uplifting And Rousing Folk
Modern carefree Folk Rock builds with hand claps to uplifting climax. Lyrics about love & togetherness. 03:31
Fire10 Versions
 Epic and Motivational 1
An energetic and exhilarating track with a blend of electronic drums and synths with guitar and male vocal lines. 02:32
I'm A Juggernaut10 Versions
 Epic and Motivational 1
A powerful, punchy track, with big rock beat, swung arpeggiated Guitar riff and male vocals. 03:44
Move My Body7 Versions
 Female Swagger
Trap style beat with Saxophone sample, female vocal refrain, and added carnival flavoured percussion to finish 01:47
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