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Life In Motion4 Versions
 Sophie Galpin
 Legato Movements
Rhythmic, determined piano riff, building and becoming increasingly layered with addition of strings. 03:11
Danse Macabre (Indie Remix)3 Versions
 Sophie Galpin
 Not So Classical Classics
Curious indie rock version of the famous Camille Saint-Saens composition Dance Macabre, featuring atmospheric electric guitar and piano. 02:04
Clair De Lune (Folk Remix)3 Versions
 Sophie Galpin
 Not So Classical Classics
This famous Debussy piece is reimagined in a bright indie folk style with a group vocal melody. 03:04
Deck The Halls7 Versions
 Sophie Galpin
 Very Ninja Christmas
Melancholy, dreamy version of Deck the Halls for female vocal and electric guitar. 03:22
So Delicious7 Versions
 Sophie Galpin
 Eclectic Selection
Mid-tempo, soft country-tinged pop track with guitars, finger clicks and soulful female vocals. 02:57
I Will Follow8 Versions
 Sophie Galpin
 Love Ballads
This laid-back and soulful track features female vocals, jazzy piano chord progressions and rousing climax. 04:02
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