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Reverse Reality Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Distant synth pattern becoming eerie with reversed FX. 02:14
Circuit Broken Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Slow, swelling bass synth with unusual synth-guitar overlay, pitch-bend, glitches and symbol crashes. 01:07
Electric Space Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Strange and unsettling synths create dark, intriguing atmosphere. 01:37
Dub Menace Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Dark synths and dub-step style beat, creating a sense of danger approaching. 00:28
Digital Blues Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Gentle, melodic, solo electric piano groove. 00:29
Galaxy Glider Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Synth pad chords and sparse, light percussion, make for a slow, cosmic atmosphere. 04:06
Analogue Android Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Minimal synth bass with sparse, crackling and swirling effect. 00:48
Black Descent Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Repeated, downward guitar melody with distant percussive effects and symbol crashes. 00:55
Virtual Nightmare Coldcut
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Minimal, distant synth bass drone with occasional, strange synth effects and sudden breaks. 02:13
Fresh Dawn 
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Repetitive, intriguing guitar drone with trickling water and FX. 01:53
Digital Dawn 
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Melodic synth-pad awakening with high-pitched, animal-like sound effects and glitches. 01:36
Robot Downtime 
 Coldcut presents Atmospheres
Soft, echoed guitar and gentle synth backdrop, with intermittent synth effects and light percussion. 05:36
Cyber Glitch6 Versions
 In The Background: Beats
Edgy, urban atmosphere with slow, broken beat, dark synth bass and sudden, unnerving sounds and breaks. 02:24
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