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Work It6 Versions
 Yip Wong
 Female Swagger 1
A fast and frenetic track with vocal samples and trap-tinged percussion gives this maximum attitude and punch. 02:24
Victory Stomp3 Versions
 Lawrence Mau Yip Wong
 Russia - Traditional Vs Contemporary
Trap style beats and powerful brass with military precision and a Siberian flavour, full of builds and drops 02:22
Call To Action7 Versions
 Yip Wong
 Qatar Soundwaves
An alluring vocal sample drops straight into a bouncy and upbeat trap rhythm and doesn't let up. 02:19
Rock My Body
 Yip Wong
 Rhythmic Percussive Beats 2
A playful vocal sample repeats over a bouncing rhythm, propelling forward with a busy drum beat and menacing synths. 2.15
Guess Who
 Yip Wong
 Rhythmic Percussive Beats 2
An aggressively charged, electronic assault on the senses. The tune revolves around a highly percussive rhythm - a blend of dark trap and techno - while synth layers rise and fall around it. 2.27
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