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Track Description Length
We Are Warriors4 Versions
 Tim Oliver
 Electronic Rock
Bluesy track with distorted guitar riffs, a slow but powerful beat and a dynamic vocal melody. 02:49
Brothers7 Versions
 Tim Oliver
 Epic and Motivational 1
This is a slow and high-powered builder of a track, with gentle piano, drums, claps and male backing vocals. 03:16
Tough Love6 Versions
 Tim Oliver
 Epic and Motivational 2
Blues guitar riffs and a stomp clap beat sit under restrained vocals, before an ethereal pre-chorus builds into an uplifting battle-cry chorus. 02:40
We Are There7 Versions
 Tim Oliver & Jonny Pilcher
 Indie Rocks 2
Driving guitar led indie rock and male vocals with attitude that build to a rousing chorus 03:02
Blow8 Versions
 Tim Oliver & Jonny Pilcher
 Indie Rocks 2
Uptempo indie rock with empowering male vocals and rousing chorus, 03:06
Make It Better6 Versions
 Tim Oliver
 Modern Electronic Soul
A laid-back hip hop flavoured track with finger clicks, male vocals and a celebratory chorus. 02:24
All Day Long5 Versions
 Tim Oliver
 Modern Electronic Soul
Triumphant brass lines with bubbling synths and razor-sharp guitar, this mid-tempo groove brings swagger and strut. 02:28
Make Up Break Up4 Versions
 Tim Oliver
 Modern Electronic Soul
With a strong offbeat, glittering synth lines and male vocals layers this is a mellow and melodic track. 02:17
Hyperconscious3 Versions
 Tim Oliver
 Modern Minimalist 5
Minimal, hypnotic tuned Marimba and percussion Loops with a slight build. 02:49
Air on a G String3 Versions
 Johann Sebastian Bach
 Classical Classics 2
Beautiful evocative rendition of Bach�s baroque classic by Children's Choir. 03:07
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