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To The End15 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Trailers: Battle Of The Bows
Dramatic orchestra with intense, urgent percussion, powerful brass and epic choir to finale. 02:12
Kitchen Piano7 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Gentle, Heartfelt And Emotive
An acoustic piano recorded in the composer's kitchen, processed and layered with subtle synths, creating a memorable and emotional composition that would be at home on any commercial modern classical album. The recording technique and setting give it a very definitive character, strongly cinematic and recognisable with just a few elements.The Infinity Orchestra at its finest, this one is a rare gem. 03:55
A Flurry Of Blades13 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Trailers - Journey To Triumph
Solo strings, layered with electronic beats as the orchestra intensifies, before a huge drop and back in for an epic finish. 02:48
Sunrise In The Forest8 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Gentle, Heartfelt And Emotive
Open guitar arpeggios, gentle synths and light string layers create a magical, hopeful and positive world with momentum and pace. Everything is constantly lifting in a sweet crescendo, with a few dreamy intermissions sprinkled with texture and vibes. Like a sunrise in the forest. 02:53
Ulysses And The Sirens8 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 A Thousand Violins
Desperately romantic melodies, galloping strings and foreboding undertones. 03:02
The Wise Wizard9 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Fantastical Tales
Tentative opening with intriguing strings developing boldly with percussion and ceremonial brass. 02:26
Chase The Leader9 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Sequencer Fun
Frantic, full on dance beat with aggressive synth sounds, frequent breaks and various video game style FX. 03:26
The Undead Shredder9 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
Intense, heart-pounding percussion with creepy breath samples, manic distorted guitar and tempo increase to horrific, violent conclusion. 02:28
The Dark End12 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
Eerie silence dominated by unsettled percussive hits becoming more rhythmic as terrifying atmosphere intensifies. 02:53
Rise Of The Fallen8 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Our World In Widescreen 1
Grand, imperial orchestral build with epic feel. 02:41
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