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Toys Come To Life5 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Fantastical Tales
Youthful, bright glockenspiel with pleasant orchestral backing to dramatic build with powerful synths and choir. 02:24
The Toys Come Alive at Night3 Versions
 Peter Michael Davison
 Felt Piano 1
Mischievous and animated track, with a sense of childlike adventure. 01:51
Neon Toys11 Versions
 Andrew Potterton
 In The Background: Future Tech 2
Retro 80s sounding pop track with subtle synth melodies and electronic drum groove. 02:32
Midnight At Geppetto's5 Versions
 Jamie Wright
 Light And Magical Cinematic 1
"We found an old cabin filled with wooden dolls and sparkling trinkets." Weird and wonderful, this sprightly piece begins with miniature snippets of instrumental dialogue, flutters, pops, knocks and sploots. Like an old music box, the tempo keeps changing but it eventually reaches an awe-inspiring climax as the animated toys scutter away. Perfect for fantasy, animation and festive advertising. 02:05
Nothing Left To Say7 Versions
 Driving Indie
New-Wave inspired indie pop with jangly guitar tones and driving acoustic beats. 03:06
Lost Soul Nation7 Versions
 Driving Indie
Upbeat indie with light and breezy energy and an effortlessly cool female vocal, lamenting over human obsession with social media. 02:08
Summer In The City7 Versions
 Summer Indie
Upbeat and groovy summer sound with a psychedelic vocal and offbeat acoustic guitars. 02:46
Cool Water7 Versions
 Summer Indie
Light and breezy poolside indie dedicated to the joys of summer, centred around a cool female vocal. 02:35
Be By My Side6 Versions
 Summer Indie
Lazy summer Sunday soundtrack featuring a vocal duet, saxophone solo and general feel-good vibes. 03:34
Cool In The Sunshine7 Versions
 Summer Indie
Cool vocals with beach themed lyrics feature in this feel-good indie track with a big singalong chorus. 02:55
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