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We Band Of Brothers5 Versions
 Gabriel Ness x Jonny Martyr
 Epic Symphonic Beats
An exhilarating blend of marching drums, pulsating electronics and gigantic orchestral sounds. Progressive and uplifting harmonies, culminating in a majestic drop at 1:40 and a triumphant rise at 2:12. Powerful and uniting, perfect for television drama and sports brand advertising. 02:50
Memories On Tape5 Versions
 Jonny Martyr
 Neo-Classical Soundscapes
Multidimensional piece capturing melancholic fractures of nostalgia and reflection. A gentle, familiar piano melody evolves and distorts before dissolving into warped pulsing electronics from 1:17. 02:19
Disintegration5 Versions
 Jonny Martyr
 Symphonic Electronic
Dramatic rolling piano arpeggios underpinned by organic synths and epic ambience, develops into a breathtaking drop that grows in drama constantly. 03:54
Be Carried5 Versions
 Jonny Martyr
 Symphonic Electronic
Hope-inspiring pianos gently swell with strings before dropping into euphoric moments of uptempo electronica. 03:56
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