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Upside7 Versions
 Hazel Sainsbury, John Bradshaw
Bright female and male vocal harmonies with commanding drums, developing to Driving anthemic indie rock. 02:53
Easy Times7 Versions
 Hazel Sainsbury, John Bradshaw
Reversed melodic guitar, positive vocals in sparse verses and anthemic sweeping chorus. 03:05
Sing For Me7 Versions
 Hazel Sainsbury, John Bradshaw
Bright, epic pop with shimmering female vocals, guitars and organ. 02:53
Storm7 Versions
 John Bradshaw, Judy Oyib
 Rousing Female Pop
Sultry and smoldering intro building into powerful drums with female vocals. Lyrics about togetherness. 02:47
A Change Of Heart4 Versions
 John Bradshaw
 Reflective To Positive 2
Soft, sensitive keys build with strings and orchestral percussion to a mood-changing climax. Negative to positive. 02:56
Pon De Rhythm7 Versions
 John Bradshaw
 Feel Good Latin Pop
Punchy, medium-paced Latin Pop with feel-good brass lines and vocal samples. 02:54
We Can Make It Real7 Versions
 Rusty Bradshaw and Hazel Sainsbury
 Love Ballads
A positive acoustic pop ballad with soaring melody and beautiful folky female vocals. 03:34
Truth7 Versions
 Mara & The Fox
 Rousing Female Pop
Upbeat, bouncy, positive and percussive pop track. Lyrics about letting go. 02:56
Fly So High7 Versions
 Angela Inez
 Rousing Female Pop
A building, anthemic indie-rock track with an inspirational lyrical theme. 02:32
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