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Through The Mists6 Versions
 Jamie Wright x D.Tactics
 Epic Symphonic Beats
Emerging from the mysterious opening, the hard-hitting drums drive the long, sustained strings and deep bass. The middle section offers a change of texture with arpeggiated electronics and brass swells, with the drums emerging this time with breakbeat ferocity and swagger. A monstrous track with atmosphere and bite, adding tension and progression to any visuals able to withstand the power. 02:32
Storm Clouds5 Versions
 Jamie Wright x NOISE NETWORK
 Epic Symphonic Beats
An ominous forecast of celestial might. Opening with gritty string harmonics and filtered beats, the soundscape builds using dramatic orchestral and electronic patterns pinned together with punchy commercial beats. An impressive track, ideal for hype-building and crucial finales. 02:21
Race To Mars5 Versions
 Jamie Wright
 Orchestral Action Adventure
We will be victorious. An energising track full of tension and heroism, beginning with an otherworldly aura of choir and pulsating synths, quickly developing with cinematic drums, horns and strings. The hopeful middle section features violin ostinatos and luscious cello melodies decorated with magical chimes and bells, eventually returning to the dramatic theme with driving electronics, pounding drums and the full united force of the orchestra. Perfect for epic climaxes and powerful trailers. 02:23
The Forces Of Pendragon5 Versions
 Jamie Wright
 Light And Magical Cinematic 1
"At the end of it all, we asked the dragons to help us get home." This adventurous track takes the listener on a dangerous journey, with dark horns, haunting vocals and orchestral drama. The brief moments of hope are quickly interrupted by the sound of marching drums and impending peril. An epic track, ideal for trailers, cinematic grandeur and fantasy drama. 03:01
Under The Waves5 Versions
 Jamie Wright
 Light And Magical Cinematic 1
"All manner of creatures swam around us as the crystalline light rippled from above." The mysterious opening sets the scene for this aquatic adventure, quickly developing with string pizzicatos and steel drums, and surrounded by peculiar noises from the ocean. Whimsical and charming, ideal for animations, cartoons and nature documentaries. 02:24
Midnight At Geppetto's5 Versions
 Jamie Wright
 Light And Magical Cinematic 1
"We found an old cabin filled with wooden dolls and sparkling trinkets." Weird and wonderful, this sprightly piece begins with miniature snippets of instrumental dialogue, flutters, pops, knocks and sploots. Like an old music box, the tempo keeps changing but it eventually reaches an awe-inspiring climax as the animated toys scutter away. Perfect for fantasy, animation and festive advertising. 02:05
Shagadelic5 Versions
 Jamie Wright
 Quirky Casserole
A quirky mix of 70s big band and cartoonish fills. Catchy Latin piano riffs and flute melodies skip across a playful accompaniment of clapping and finger snapping, whistles and cheeky brass interruptions. 02:05
Chasing Clouds5 Versions
 Jamie Wright
 Epic Orchestral
Propelled by dynamic strings and percussion, this cinematic track captures apprehension and confidence through sailing melodic lines, motivating timpani strikes and steadfast brass. 02:14
Electric Universe5 Versions
 Jamie Wright
A reflective reminder of hope within a hazy dream world. The lightly bubbling soundscape builds to a punchy percussive change of pace, alternating in character until a final gentle hum. 03:07
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