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Change The World7 Versions
 Indie Rocks 2
Epic indie banger with warm guitars, stacked harmonies and lyrics about being bold and adventurous 02:54
Kids Rule The World7 Versions
 Indie Rocks 2
Raw, fun indie punk with sassy, energetic catchy male vocals singing about empowering the youth 03:00
Magic7 Versions
 80's Synth Pop 1 - Vocal
Upbeat, driving 80s banger filled with quirky synths, vocoders and empowering lyrics. 03:38
Feel The Power7 Versions
 Big Beat 1
Fat beats and driving acid synth lines combine for this adrenaline-laced track with a lyrical theme on teams. 03:38
Be Yourself7 Versions
 Indie Rocks 2
Up-tempo, quirky indie hit with synths, wonky guitars and crazy vocals 03:38
Dance, Move, Clap7 Versions
 Techno 1
A building track with evolving atmosphere dropping in and out of synths paired with vocals. 03:30
Fight The Good Fight7 Versions
 Modern Punk
Raw, lo-fi, authentic, energetic anarchist punk. Themes of rising up and fighting for a fairer society. 01:54
Make Moves7 Versions
 Global Rhythmic Pop
An energetic, fresh, danceable pop hit with catchy hooks and sassy, empowered lyrics. 02:48
We'll Touch The Sky7 Versions
 Big Beat 2
A motivational track with empowering lyrics, “We’ll Touch the Sky” accompanied by driving bass and heavy synths. 03:18
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