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Track Description Length
Passing Orbits2 Versions
Dreamy, echoed synths and electric guitar over positive, light percussion. 02:07
The Alchemist3 Versions
 Eclectic Selection
A track to capture the extremes, a distorted guitar riff propels the song on with rough breakbeat track and heavy synth strobes. 03:09
No Evidence3 Versions
 Forensic Search 1
Tense beginning with solo held note on strings, progressing with introduction of reflective piano chords and big drums. 03:29
The Approach4 Versions
 In The Background: Beats
Menacing groove with percussive build, ascending orchestra and male choral chants. 03:38
Funk Dreams3 Versions
 In The Foyer
Funky electric piano chords back electric guitar and saxophone lead, with chilled percussive groove. 03:37
Luxury Life6 Versions
 In The Foyer
Warm groove with positive, harmonious melody for harp and bells, with distant female vocals. 03:34
The Fall And Rise6 Versions
 Inner City Orchestra
Mysterious opening synths developing to beautiful, harmonious orchestra. 04:28
We Get Down4 Versions
 It's A Trap 1
Mean and moody hip hop with dark, descending synth melody and 'we get down' vocal rap. 02:50
Pump Up4 Versions
 It's A Trap 1
Sampled vocal 'pump up' builds with commanding bass and brass. 03:13
Dirt Monster15 Versions
 It's A Trap 1
Ominous opening with dark synths and dominating bass, transitions at 2:30 to upbeat synth groove with male rap. 04:59
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