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Track Description Length
Give Me The Kick!15 Versions
 Andrew Sands
 Big Beat 1
A driving and urgent chase-like synth bassline with breakbeats and breakdowns, plus a vocal chant. 02:50
Let's Get It On7 Versions
 Andrew Sands
 Modern Electronic Soul
Horn riffs and rhythmic vocal lines over a warm and relaxed groove. 03:40
Little Fantasy8 Versions
 Andrew Sands
 Modern Electronic Soul
This upbeat and Driving track has a contemporary twist on elements of 80s synth pop. 03:26
Look For The Dawn9 Versions
 Andrew Sands
 Techno 2
'Oonts, Oonts, Oonts.' Dance ‘til you ‘Look for the Dawn’ ;) Techno House track that’ll keep you on the dancefloor. 04:04
Turning Point5 Versions
 Andrew Sands
 Reflective To Positive 2
Piano & Piano FX combine to create a moody, minimal intro which builds with a harp and strings to an uplifting finale. 02:17
Let It Go5 Versions
 Andrew Sands
 Modern Minimalist 5
Light repetitive marimba percussion develops with a deep bass line and gentle strings 02:45
Twilight Ride
 Al Fresco
 Cinematic Americana
This epic Americana story journeys through desolate plains and up to high peaks, from sparse, haunting vocal melodies, to soaring strings and triumphant horns. 02:39
25th Hour Spell
 Al Fresco
 Cinematic Americana
An action packed, Spaghetti Western sound with an unwavering dedication to drama. The track mixes traditional Americana sounds with huge rock drums and epic orchestral elements. 01:56
Snake Oil
 Al Fresco
 Cinematic Americana
Moody Americana, complete with a haunting, whistled melody and dogged slide guitar. The piece breaks out into a jumpy, percussive section before ending on a lush, vocal led finale. 02:24
Weight Of The World
 Al Fresco
 Regal Melodrama
Marching forward with importance and grandeur, this stately string composition switches between elegant, flowing cello melodies and staccato urgency. 01:52
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