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Magnetic Hypnotisation5 Versions
 Andrew Barraclough and Andrew Potterton
 Modern Minimalist 5
Subtle orchestral piece with a magical feel. Modern orchestral sounds blend in this emotional but calm underscore. 02:45
Utopia8 Versions
 dbM feat. Mojo Flynn
 80's Synth Pop 3
Is This Utopia? Retro sounds with modern themes, this powerful song features soulful pop vocals over a driving synth bed and a touch of vocoder. Perfect for TV drama, adverts and brands looking for a strong commercial identity. 03:37
A Christmas Adventure12 Versions
 Andrew Barraclough and Andrew Potterton
 Orchestral Christmas
Exciting, fast-paced and with musical twist and turns at every section, this is an exhilarating (sleigh) ride of a track. 01:32
Sarabande in D minor18 Versions
 George Frideric Handel
 Classical Classics 2
A grand and somber baroque piece by Handel, with orchestra and dramatic full choir. 02:44
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