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Anything Is Possible4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Our World In Widescreen 1
Heartfelt orchestral melody with distant, distorted guitar. 03:14
The Divided Kingdom4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Our World In Widescreen 1
Reflective, sombre piano introduction building to climactic, orchestral conclusion. 03:22
Against The Odds4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Our World In Widescreen 1
Gentle emotive opening with synths, piano and chanting male vocal building proudly to orchestra conclusion. 02:16
Dream Team4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Songs That Pop
Carefree and youthful electro-pop, with warm building synth melody. 02:48
Saturn3 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 String-led Emotional Classical
A sophisticated and dreamy piece, with upbeat and chirpy arpeggiated strings 02:41
Haunted4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Trailers: Rise of The Ninjas
Haunting, orchestral melody builds with powerful synth percussion to epic conclusion. 02:46
Rock In Rio4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 World Not As You Know It
Percussion and melody, goes to anthemic rock in chorus. 01:43
Wake Up Softly4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 Legato Movements
Captivating piano and string accompaniment, turns uplifting and hopeful with the introduction of bass at 1:14. 03:34
Crafty Navigator4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
Driving beat and bass with delicate light percussion and bright bell like melody. 03:46
Machine Learning4 Versions
 Alex Tesla
 In The Background: Future Tech 1
Driving and determined beat and bass with cool, distorted guitar and synth effects. 02:23
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