• Kid Koala presents Console Loops

    An 8 bit journey through your memories, soundtracked by Canadian recording artist Kid Koala. A throwback to an innocent time when games couldn't be saved and the amusement arcade was awash with these sounds.

  • Kid Koala presents Lost Loops

    Surreal, strange, synthesized, spooky and quirky. These 30 second loops from experimental hip hop artist and turntablist-extraordinaire Kid Koala will take you on a trip to the other side....

  • Very Merry Christmas

    It's that time of year.. sherry, mince pies, bad jumpers and of course repeats on TV.... Merry Christmas with these all time favourites.

  • Machinedrum presents Source Material

    Electronic music artist and world-class producer Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum offers up a collection of intoxicating, energetic and cool rhythms, grooves and beats

  • Very Ninja Christmas

    It is Christmas time but with a twist. Old family favourites given a healthy dose of Ninja spirit.

  • Storytelling Sunny

    Pure, simple and with underlying hope and positivity, Storytelling Sunny has the ability to rise above the ordinary.

  • Storytelling Stormy

    Dreams, hopes, aspirations and the universe, all encapsulated in these engrossing themes for piano and strings.

  • The Beauty Within

    Hopeful, heartfelt and emotive, The Beauty Within provides warm, empowering, atmospheric tracks that enhance all situations in this world and beyond.

  • In The Background: Future Tech

    The discoveries in technology will ensure a safer place to live for longer. As long as we humans remain in control....

  • In The Background: Urban

    Dark, edgy and cool urban beats from streets so mean, so cool and so real that you don't get to visit without an invitation.

  • In The Background: Daytime

    Gently, warming themes and atmospheres that leave you feeling as though you are floating on clouds of life affirming oxygen.

  • Hang Drum Journey pt. 2

    The hang drum the basis for these elegant, eloquent and ebullient themes, from discovering the ancient worlds to modern corporations, travel for leisure and suspended atmospheres.

  • Offbeats

    If you like your beats a little on the hot and bizarre side these will blow you away. Quirky, rhythmic and utterly unconvertional.

  • Body and Soul

    Confident, positive and assured, these grooves will leave you in no doubt, who is 'in charge'

  • Road Movie

    Gentle, warm and caring male (and a couple of female) vocal ballads with indie, poppy and folky influences.

  • The Big Bad Big Band

    Big band themes that encapsulate the glamour, sophistication and sheer cool of Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York.

  • Hope and Glory

    The spirit of endeavour and pride in ourselves and others is reflected and represented in these cinematic indie songs.

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