Themed Playlists

  • Essential Ibiza

    Summer club tracks warming us up for all those glamorous parties in the Balearics that we are all definitely invited to.

  • What's Cooking

    Watching other people cook, we love it! The tension, the drama and the glory, this playlist dishes it all up.

  • Hello Spring

    We're soundtracking your spring with both fun and sentimental tracks. It's a playlist to thaw that winter away.

  • Sci-fi

    Atmospheric, expansive and futuristic tracks that take you to outer space

  • Fashion Week

    Runway ready playlist featuring sleek and stylish tracks with plenty of pace and attitude.

  • Staff picks

    Tracks we are listening to and think you should listen to as well.

  • Tension

    An unsettling album, full of dark, mysterious and foreboding tracks.

  • Winter Olympicks

    We’ve picked our most fitting tracks to accompany those brave athletes winning, losing and falling down.

  • Sports Emotional

    Capturing the highs and lows of the sports world with sweeping scores and high emotion.

  • Serious Beds

    Tense and curious background tracks with modern mystery.

  • Countryside

    Bright and expansive tracks with a positive, relaxed mood.

  • This is Halloween

    Be prepared to be scared this halloween, with these eerie and tense tunes.

  • Santa's Mixed Bag

    The joy, the magic, the embarrassing jumpers, the bad gifts... Christmas is a mixed bag so enjoy this eclectic mix of styles and genres, there's something for everyone.

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