About Us

Ninja Tune is a legendary London based independent record label. Founded in 1990 the label (and publishing company Just Isn’t Music) have released records from artists as eminent and varied as Bonobo, Kelis, Thundercat, ODESZA, Diplo, The Cinematic Orchestra, Run the Jewels, Young Fathers, Wiley, Kate Tempest and Kamasi Washington.


By instilling the musical quality and variety of the label’s output into the exclusive library and creating an extensive, intuitive and bespoke search engine Ninja Tune Production Music, and the experienced and dedicated team behind it, represents the equivalent of the label within the music library market - an independent and creative alternative to the mainstream.


What is Production Music?

Production music (also known as library or stock music) is music created specifically for synchronisation use in media, this can cover all kinds of audio visual productions such as commercials, video games, television, films and trailers or any other project that requires music like corporate videos, radio soundbeds and everything in between.

Is it copyright free music or do I need a licence to use it?

Production music is not copyright free and must be licensed in order to be used. The licensing process is very straightforward and doesn’t involve obtaining approvals from the authors or rights holders, see more info further down.

Does your library catalogue fall under the PRS production music rate card?

Yes it does! You can find a link to the rate card at the bottom of every page of our site.

How do I license a track?

When you have decided on a track you’d like to use, simply click the 'PRS’ button to the right of the track and you will be taken to the PRS license manager where you can purchase a license by following a few simple steps.

Can you help me find a track now?

Absolutely, if you’d like us to do a search for you just hit us up at licensing@ninjatuneproductionmusic.com with details about your project and the type of music you’re after and we'll compile a playlist of tracks to suit your brief.

How do I create an account? Are you able to create one for me?

Either head to our ‘Account’ page and register your details or drop us an email and we’ll set you up as a member, you will then have immediate access to our entire catalogue.

How do I download music that I want to use?

Once you’ve registered as a member click the ‘download’ button to the right of each track or at the top of the album/playlist page to received the track/s in MP3, WAV of AIF.

How do I access cue sheet info?

For individual tracks click on the 'i’ button next to each track, for full albums and playlist click on the ‘cue sheet’ button at the top of the page - the info will be displayed in a pop up window and from there can be downloaded.

Do you offer cutdowns and alt. versions (30” / 60” edits, underscores etc.)?

Yes we do, you can find and listen to these by clicking on the arrow next to each track title.

Where can I find stems of tracks?

Just email us and we’ll supply them as fast as we can!

Can I create personal playlists?

Once signed in you can create personal playlists either by clicking on the ‘create new playlist’ button on your account page or by clicking on the ‘add to playlist’ button next to each track or directly from the player.

Can I share playlists?

You can share our themed playlists by clicking on the ‘share’ button at the top of the page - personal playlists are private to you so can not be shared.

Are the artist albums more expensive than other music on the library?

No, all our music is equally priced, see the PRS rate card for our fees.

Can I license from the library if the licensee is outside of the UK?

For licensees outside of the UK please contact licensing@ninjatuneproductionmusic.com

Do you offer blanket deals if we are using a lot of your music all the time?

To discuss blanket deals please contact licensing@ninjatuneproductionmusic.com

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