• 1.


    Evokes a sense of time and purpose, combining flowing Kalimba with soft synth melodies and emotive strings, rising to a final section with reflective marimba, pulsing bass and driving percussion.

  • 4.


    A twist in mood from tension to revelation, beginning with light percussion and looming synth bass, followed by strings and grand chord sequence.

  • 23.


    Beautiful piano melodies mixed with intriguing, distant strings and atmospheres create an inspiring and motivational piece

  • 38.


    Ominous Taiko drum patterns drive this track layered with strummed Koto and interweaving Shakuhachi flute melodies

  • 41.

    Get Ready For Christmas Day

    Tony Graham

    Classic Christmas Crooners


    The perfect festive hype-builder, brimming with excitement and anticipation, including a catchy chorus "Merry Christmas, have a Happy Holiday!". Features live swing band, a light jazz guitar solo, backing vocals, children cheers and Tony Graham on lead vocals.

  • 46.


    "Naughty or nice, which have you been? He'll tell Santa about the things he's seen." This is the nostalgic tale of Buddy The Elf. A fun narrative with a catchy recurring chorus, accompanied by a characterful full-band riff and a rude saxophone solo starting at 1:44. Lively and jovial, great for youthful and imaginative themes.

  • 47.


    "In the distance we could see a grand castle sprinkled with icy dust and glowing with woodfire." Old and majestic, this music tells a picturesque tale of a magical realm full of enchanted forests and enduring life. The rich strings blend Slavic melancholy and lush romance, whilst the heavy, slow brass chords provide magnificence. Perfect for scenic visuals and wondrous retrospectives.

  • 49.

    Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

    The Donkey Jawbone

    Christmas Covers


    A modern re-imagination of Tchaikovsky's magical piece from The Nutcracker, featuring funky drums quirky synths and sleigh bells.

  • 50.


    "Voices singing all as one", this warming song includes gospel choir led by world-renowned director and arranger Mark De-Lisser, with main vocals by Tony Graham, blended with rich horns, lush strings and hints of festive trumpet melodies. A traditional sound with a contemporary recording, a wonderful accompaniment to uplifting visuals and magical festive themes.

  • 51.


    "It started with just one tiny firefly, but within the blink of an eye the sky was aglow." Fluttering and sparkling with strings, woodwind and bells, the music grows, section by section, dissipating in the middle with gentle suspense and then building with warm melodies towards an understated ending. Charming and cinematic, ideal for varied visuals and nature documentaries.

  • 65.


    High-pitched, minimalist piano harmonies building and developing broadly with inclusion of sweeping strings and twinkling glock.

  • 77.

    Christmas Bells (Are Ringing)

    Tony Graham

    Classic Christmas Crooners


    It's finally here, Christmas Day! A fantastic depiction of joy and magic with the whole family. Opening with the sound of "ding dong", the fleeting music goes on a journey from the snow to the sky and back to the comforting fireplace. A fast jazz waltz with inspiring vocals and live band, ideal for scenes of celebration, adventure and attention-grabbing advertising.

  • 78.


    A 50s doo-wop crooner take on the traditional classic, with an upbeat rhythm section bopping throughout, accompanied by a silky smooth lead singer and tight backing vocals.

  • 79.


    "We woke up in the most unusual place!" Brimming with imagination and intrigue, this orchestral piece showcases serene strings with cheeky celeste/bell sounds, sparkling woodwind fills and ethereal choir swells. A playful incidental track with an assortment of characters ranging from fantasy to comedy.

  • 81.


    Distorted synths and blue vocal samples accompanying a hard-hitting shuffly drum beat mean this track oozes soulful swagger. Very versatile, this track would be a cool accompaniment motoring, sport and fashion spots.

  • 85.


    Driving funky groove with rough drums, variety of syncopated percussion, shimmering synths and punchy male vocal lines.