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Track Description Length
Falcon4 Versions
 John Valasis
 Eclectic Selection
Although this track starts stripped back with electronic flutters, it drops into a heavy dubstep tinged groove with a powerful build. 01:47
Magical Light3 Versions
 John Valasis
 Fantastical Tales
Soft piano and chimes set intriguing scene before introduction of panoramic, sweeping, subtle vocals and strings. 01:05
The Story Of Our Life5 Versions
 John Valasis
 Feminine Touch
Emotive and uplifting folky pop with happy ukulele and female vocals. 03:33
Hard Reboot4 Versions
 John Valasis
 In The Background: Beats
Tense groove with layers of synth sounds, building with a menacing undertone. 02:16
Moon Mining4 Versions
 John Valasis
 In The Background: Beats
Powerful, mechanical hip hop beat with industrious synth FX. 01:31
Big world4 Versions
 John Valasis
 In The Background: Drama
Enchanting atmosphere starts with minimal melody on strings driven by big drums, building with bright, inquisitive counter melodies. 01:28
Aurora4 Versions
 John Valasis
 In The Background: Future Tech 1
Slow, dreamy floating atmosphere, building to create a sense of universal hope and wonder. 02:37
The Darkside4 Versions
 John Valasis
 Inner City Orchestra
Tense, edgy atmosphere with bass, drums, urgent strings and breathy female vocals. 01:33
Mint Twist4 Versions
 John Valasis
Positive, uplifting and determined groove. 02:08
Past Lives4 Versions
 John Valasis
Sparse, mysterious opening to heraldic female voices, drums and Driving strings. 01:46
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