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Track Description Length
Headbutt4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Future Sound Of Bass 2
Metallic synth over high powered hip-hop beat with frenetic samples and glitches. 02:48
The Stomp4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Hip Hop and Grime
Punchy and crisp trap drums mixed with a powerful bassline and club vocal shouts. Overall a rousing and motivating track with plenty of edit points. 02:52
The Get Down4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Hip Hop and Grime
Big and powerful hip hop beats mixed with a trap bass and distorted synths. Think dark and driving with a melancholic but soaring feel. 02:48
Peddle Modes4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Reflective To Positive 2
A slow, hopeful intro is accompanied by strings that interlink with bright piano notes and understated percussion. 02:38
Doing Fine4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Global Rhythmic Pop
An inspirational, fun and funky tune with chopped vocals. 02:38
Do What You Do4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Atmospheric Hip Hop Beats
Contemporary trap drums with a ‘New Orleans Bounce’ rhythm flare. With a sweet synth riff and chopped vocals that oozes a summery vibe. 02:43
Scaling Trees4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Driving Sci-Fi Tech
An anthemic and uplifting electronic track with atmospheric elements. 03:30
Bungle In The Jungle4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 It's A Trap 2
Dark and moody track, with vocal samples, synth brass and eerie synth melody line. 03:07
What You Want4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 It's A Trap 2
Dark and moody feel, with atmospheric bass, sparse drums and warped vocal samples. 03:22
Is It A Sine4 Versions
 Freddie Prest
 Modern Minimalist 3
Soft synth mallets are combined with intricate percussion, building to a moving climax with synth pads and strings. 03:34
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