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Torrent6 Versions
 French House
An infectiously rhythmical frenzy of fuzzed-up French electronica. Distorted melodic hooks, a driving 4 to the floor beat and cleverly used samples combine in this high energy banger. 5:52
Rise8 Versions
 Beats and Classical Strings
EQ'd FX bassline builds with tense strings to Trip Hop drums. Tense and majestic. 03:51
Solar Strut4 Versions
 Modern Electronic Funk
Uplifting jazz piano chords, boosted by a funky bassline riff and splashy four to the floor drums. 04:46
Most Wanted6 Versions
 Modern Electronic Soul
A vibrant and dynamic track with breakbeat style drums, uplifting piano lines and strong rhythmic feel. 02:39
Swing Da Bass6 Versions
 Ninja Selects Jazzy Breaks Vol. 2
Intoxicating dance beat with samba influences, fat bass synth and brass stabs. 02:43
Stash The Cash3 Versions
 Ninja Selects Jazzy Breaks Vol. 2
Cool and punchy rhythmic strut with cool organ chords, brass stabs and guitar riff. 02:14
Star Shot6 Versions
 Ninja Selects Jazzy Breaks Vol. 3
Cool, funky brass and guitar groove building with jazzy keyboards, vocal samples and percussion. 04:02
Symphony No.5 (Club Remix)5 Versions
 Not So Classical Classics
Assertive and cool dance mix of this celebrated Beethoven track, bringing it in to the 21st century, Bill and Ted style. 03:30
Jungle Punch3 Versions
Punchy percussive synths and scratching effects drive hip-hop influenced dance beat. 02:12
Geometer2 Versions
Tuned percussion patterns build with various light percussive elements. 02:53
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