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All My Money 6 Versions
 Walking River
 Feel Good And Folky
A chilled blend of acoustic folk songwriting and bittersweet lyrics, gently drive forward by an electronic beat. 03:20
Grapes Of Wrath3 Versions
 Dust Bowl Blues
A fingerpicked guitar with bluesy lead lines, haunting violin melodies, tribal drums and strummed acoustic guitars build this track up to a big driving outdo.  04:14
Dry As A Bone3 Versions
 Dust Bowl Blues
Old westerns and sunsets are conjured up with this track. A languid moody piece with a memorable vocal like guitar melody, drum rolls and dirty guitar riffs. 03:24
Say Your Prairies3 Versions
 Dust Bowl Blues
A slow burning acoustic slide blues track ending with a big riff and heavy drums. With slide guitar melodies, finger picked guitar riffs, hand played percussion and drums. 02:52
Just Keep Walkin'3 Versions
 Dust Bowl Blues
A driving yet delicate world music influenced track, with dirty folk guitar riffs, delicate violin melodies, middle eastern instruments and big driving beats.  03:36
Roadhouse Hoedown3 Versions
 Dust Bowl Blues
A heavy, rocky slide guitar riff is the main focus of this fast paced, raucous blues track. Implementing a hard hitting drum sound, soaring harmonics, rhodes keys and heavy riffs. 03:06
Dust Til Dawn3 Versions
 Dust Bowl Blues
A rambling track with a blues based riff and haunting slide guitar melodies building up to a big crescendo. Banjo, old school keyboards and acoustic guitars help add to the rustic, eerie vibe of the track.  03:23
New Fire, New Flame7 Versions
 Hazel Sainsbury, Ian Kellett
 Heartfelt And Emotive Folk
Female vocal led track alongside both acoustic & electric guitars and vintage synths. 02:52
Fall Back11 Versions
 Heartfelt And Emotive Folk
A driving rhythmic folk track with male vocals around feeling out of control 03:02
Woman On The Moon10 Versions
 Michael S Bishop & Eden Townend
 Heartfelt And Emotive Folk
Strong guitar strums set the mood on this emotional tale with folk guitar and male vocals. 03:50
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