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Track Description Length
A Gentle Revolution4 Versions
 Michael S bishop
 Cool Indie Folk
Finger picked guitar layers with a modal folk sound and light percussion, gentle and rolling. 03:25
Wonder Wander5 Versions
 Donal Scott
 Positive Bright Folk Instrumental
Gentle lilting folk feel with banjo, glockenspiel and whistling for a quirky and friendly feel. 01:46
Across The Fields9 Versions
 Mike Lesirge, Ewan Wallace & Simon Hampshire
 Lyrical Acoustic Folk
A delicate folk love song. Finger-picked acoustic guitar skips along under wistful and reminiscent male vocals. 02:09
Other Sides9 Versions
 Mike Lesirge, Ewan Wallace & Simon Hampshire
 Lyrical Acoustic Folk
A dark and pensive melancholic folk song, with emotive lyrics about journeys through life. 02:41
When We Were Young6 Versions
 Mike Lesirge, Ewan Wallace & Simon Hampshire
 Lyrical Acoustic Folk
Beautiful acoustic folk track, with soothing male vocal and building harmonies. 03:55
You8 Versions
 Mike Lesirge, Ewan Wallace & Ada Caraway
 Lyrical Acoustic Folk
Gentle, beautiful and sentimental folk song. Female vocals, acoustic guitar, piano. 02:33
Clair De Lune (Folk Remix)3 Versions
 Sophie Galpin
 Not So Classical Classics
This famous Debussy piece is reimagined in a bright indie folk style with a group vocal melody. 03:04
All We Need To Survive7 Versions
 Lawrence Rudd, Matt Fisher, Matthew White
 Road Movie
Gentle folk ballad with breathy male vocal harmonies and melodic, electric guitar. 03:38
Bright Morning6 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Bright Mornings
Happy, sunny optimistic folk featuring ukulele and piano. 02:27
Spring In My Step6 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Bright Mornings
Jaunty, playful and happy folk with reflective acoustic guitar and percussion. 03:09
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