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Comin' Back For More7 Versions
 Ssaturns presents Feel Good Funk and Soul
With sultry female vocals, bluesy guitar riff and horn stabs and this is a vampy track with soul and swagger. 03:12
House Party7 Versions
 Ssaturns presents Feel Good Funk and Soul
With a classic funk style this mid-tempo jam features breakbeat drum track, guitar and vocal shouts. 01:36
Move On7 Versions
 Ssaturns presents Feel Good Funk and Soul
Up-tempo and punchy, this track has a modern funk feel, blending organ riffs, guitar lines and brass hits with a vocal shout samples. 02:24
Get The Funk Up5 Versions
 Andy Robinson
 Modern Electronic Funk
Bluesy funk track with organ licks, punchy brass hits and Driving bass line riff. 02:41
Get The Funk Right4 Versions
 Oscar Lo Brutto
 Modern Electronic Funk
Upbeat funk groove with male vocoder vocals, synth layers for an throwback eighties twist. 02:42
Lift Your Head Up11 Versions
 Lincoln Jean-Marie / Mark Walker
 Authentic Soul
Funky and upbeat northern soul inspired song with sunny piano chords, smooth guitar licks and inspiring lyrics. 03:00
Downtown Funk4 Versions
 Oscar Lo Brutto
 Downtown Funk
A laid-back mid-tempo groove with prominent guitar riff and organ. 02:26
Ultra Violet7 Versions
 Ssaturns presents Feel Good Funk and Soul
A syncopated offbeat feel, gives this catchy track a laid-back summery vibe, underlined by guitar lines, horn riffs and a big melodic chorus. 03:23
Slip and Slide7 Versions
 Ssaturns presents Feel Good Funk and Soul
Fast, frenetic and funky this percussive track is perfect for injecting some playful energy, complete with handclaps and razor sharp guitar. 03:02
Back The Funk Up7 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Cheeky pop groove featuring upbeat brass with wolf whistle vocal samples. 01:55
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