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To Sleep
 Peter Hall
 Ambient Piano 2
A mesmerising, repetitive piano melody suspends the listener in mid air, remaining mostly neutral with a subtle melancholic quality. 02:03
Better Days Are Coming
 Juniper, Tom Samson
 Emotive Vocal Soundscapes
A heartrending vocal performance themed around better days to come sits atop an ethereal arrangement of twinkling piano, strings and vocal layers. 02:22
Division In The Road
 Storytelling - True Crime
Dark and eery ambience swells in soft but sporadic movements giving a sense of sinister and danger 00:56
A Stoic Pause
 Storytelling - True Crime
Contemplative and neutral bed with delicate strings peacefully weave amongst a steady minimalist piano phrase giving a sense of light tension 03:12
Industry Falls
 Storytelling - True Crime
Disturbing and eery tension with heavenly brass instruments and otherworldly drones giving a sense of uncertainty and danger. 02:53
Straying From The Path
 Storytelling - True Crime
Light and rather neutral tension with drone occasionally straightened out by stark smeared acoustic instrumentation giving a sense of introspection. 02:17
Forward Thinking
 Storytelling - True Crime
Neutral and contemplative atmospheric strings with piano phrase giving a light sense of progression and determination. 01:56
The Accusation Unfolds
 Storytelling - True Crime
Atmospheric strings with metronomic piano building to a dissonant and mysterious drone, to give a sense of uncertainty with light promise of hope. 02:37
Which Way Up?
 Joss Peach
 Perfect Pizzicato
Light-hearted curious pizzicato bringing a of challenge and uncertainty together with a spirited mood. 02:08
Dragon Lady
 Empower Pop
This track combines a busy beat with distorted synthesizer sounds and a smooth yet edgy female vocal. A slower verse resolves to a more upbeat chorus. 04:41
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