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Silk Memory
 Peter Hall
 Ambient Piano 2
Gently driving, soft piano melodies maintain a sense of tentative hope, subtly rising in anticipation throughout the piece. 02:24
Constant Comfort
 Jack Chown
 Emotive Vocal Soundscapes
A cool and sultry piece, anchored by a steady trip hop beat. Wordless vocal samples make up a bittersweet melody over hypnotic, ambient layers and piano. 02:26
Mannequin Murderer
 Count Zero
 Emotive Vocal Soundscapes
A chopped and screwed vocal sample provides a percussive backdrop to a dramatic arrangement of strings and epic drums. 02:48
Worth Fighting For
 Juniper, Tom Samson
 Emotive Vocal Soundscapes
A mournful choir of sampled voices sets a reflective scene, as a raw and heartrending female vocal tells a story of holding onto a fading love. 03:09
I Want You To Hold Me
 Emotive Vocal Soundscapes
A heartfelt vocal topline floats above swirling synths and delicate vocal layers, building to epic, string-led finale. 02:55
 Storytelling - True Crime
Oppressive rhythm section driving the track over a throbbing drone, holding a persistent heightened tension. 03:27
A Continent By Foot
 Thomas Bellingham
 Cinematic Folk
A nostalgic blend of plucked strings and guitars return to a scene of beauty with a dark secret. 02:36
Lost In The Dark
 Thomas Bellingham
 Cinematic Folk
Soft banjo and foreboding strings push through the unrelenting dark in a melancholic piece. 02:31
Nature Reclaims
 Thomas Bellingham
 Cinematic Folk
Guitars and banjos search forgotten scenes of dark beauty. 02:36
Funky Flavour
 Omer Agca
 Funky Electronic Goodness
A funky electronic banger with an infectiously positive vibe, featuring catchy saxophone melodies and playful vocal hooks. 02:15
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