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Autumn3 Versions
 In The Background: Daytime
Beautiful, innocent acoustic guitar textures with warm pecussive background. 03:39
Realisation4 Versions
 The Beauty Within
Hopeful, heartfelt harp melody ascends with soft strings and develops gently throughout. 03:25
Spa Retreat4 Versions
 Travelling Light: Inbound
Lonely and intriguing piano and string opening to positive transition at 1.22 with building acoustic guitar, piano and violin. 02:26
And Relax4 Versions
 Travelling Light: Inbound
Gentle opening atmosphere with twinkling, reversed samples becomes more energetic with drums and emotive strings. 02:15
Sail Away4 Versions
 Travelling Light: Outbound
Gentle, enchanting atmosphere with melodic acoustic guitar and ukulele, with warm bass and light percussion. 03:14
Flotation Tank4 Versions
 Travelling Light: Outbound
Delicate and gentle acoustic guitar and harp theme. 03:10
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