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The Keepers3 Versions
 Benoit Jego, Florent Duclos
 Underscores - Dark Tension 2
A foreboding and atmospheric track that combines ominous drones with building sound design elements, evoking a sense of impending doom and hidden malevolence. 00:01:57
Hidden Agenda3 Versions
 Big Beat 2
Full on relentless driving breakbeats alongside a distorted bass synth line. 03:40
One Fire4 Versions
 Global Rhythmic Pop
A celestial, high energy track with vocal chops, world percussion, sitars and synth. A journey through continents. 02:32
Ancient Secrets5 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Light And Magical Cinematic 2
Mysterious, intriguing strings and glockenspeil investigate the oldest secretes of the magical world, unveiled by soaring flutters of flutes and strings, and powerful trumpets. 01:49
Hidden Splendour4 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Majestic Orchestral
Glorious strings, triumphant percussion and brass swells reveal hidden beauties. 02:19
Hidden Path3 Versions
 Phaeleh presents Cinematic Downbeat
Sexy, ambient groove that exudes confidence and style. 03:46
Hidden Identity4 Versions
 A.D Myson
 Underscores - Dark Tension
Distant string stabs over a menacing drone. 02:40
Hidden Journey4 Versions
 Hip Hop and Grime
A huge driving beat with plenty of percussion that also creates a somewhat hypnotising and spiritual feel. 01:38
Hidden Agendas4 Versions
 Tony Lewis, Mike Reed
 Bright, Playful and Cheeky Classical
This playful piece carries ominous undertones, featuring both plucked and bowed strings, light percussion and woodblock hits. 01:55
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